Murder with shadow.jpg

Mark Groaning

Motorcycle enthusiast, Sculptor, Photographer, Explorer. Mark Groaning’s creations are visual metaphors of memories conveying energy, flight and motion. Swimming as a fish, swaying with ancient trees or flying on fire hewn wings of steel, his works are derivative of his dreams and vision, resulting in sculptures of raw emotion, experiences and rustic imagery.

”I am transfixed by the mesmerizing motion of hundreds of birds in flight and large shoals of fish. How they move as one swirling, pulsating entity; expanding and contracting. The sensation it generates. It’s electric. That is what I strive for in my work. A rush of excitement or calming introspection. Thought provoking imagery that transports, energizes or relaxes the viewer. It’s all about movement. How the sculpture moves. How the viewer connects to that movement”