The Branch (patina palette)


Trees are so beautiful with their arms stretched to the Heavens, waving gently in the breeze, shading and protecting us. Trees symbolize Life and Growth as well as family.
This listing is for one ( 1 ) Branch sculpture in the Patina/Rust color palette, which is unique to each and every Branch sculpture, as it is acquired by nature herself. When the Branch has attained it's unique patina and the artist feels it is time to capture that look, he uses an acrylic clear coating to preserve the color.
The Branch sculpture is made of steel and can easily be reshaped for your design needs. Display upon a wall, window or door frame (two screws included). Display holiday ornaments, jewelry, dried leaves, small chimes or can be used to display photographs using small magnets (not included) to secure the photo. The Branch also makes an excellent base for a Dragonfly mobile of your own creation. (Good Luck Dragonflies sold separately)
How will you decorate your Branch?

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