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Where's Mark?

In the grand scheme of things, you never really know where you will see me next, as I move around and create as the Spirit inspires me. Life is full of surprises! The good news is you can count on finding at least my art work in several fine collections open to the public and ready to help you adopt your newest Mark Groaning work of art.

Whitman Works Company, 1826 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY. 585-747-9999. Paintings on Canvas, Wood, Steel, sculptures of Steel and Glass, Dragon, Angles, Dragonflies, Steel and Glass Jewelry, Sculpture furniture, Lotus Luminary.

Artizanns, 118 North Main St., Naples NY 585-374-6740. Dragons, Dragonflies, Steel and Glass Jewelry, Sculptures, acrylic sun catchers,

Fairport Pharmacy Gift Shop 122 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport, NY 585-678-4258.  Dragonflies, NrG Vessels, Woofs and Meows.

ARTISANworks, 565 Blossom Rd, Rochester, NY 585-288-7170. Easily the largest collection of my works spanning nearly 30 years. WindowView Paintings, Sculptures of glass and steel, Luminary of all sizes, large mobiles and neon sculptures.

The Shops on West Ridge, 3200 West Ridge Rd. 585-368-0670. WindowView Paintings, Dragons, Dragonflies, Rare cast Glass Pyramids, Paintings, Sculpture, Lotus Luminary.