Window Views are what I am probably most noted for. I use high pigment content paints that are vibrant as well as translucent, allowing light to filter through without fading the colors. I've painted hundreds of Window Views over the past 20 years and have many delighted and repeat collectors. Window Views seem to change as the light changes throughout the day as well as evening and are delightful to view from the inside or outside of your home, like hanging an illuminated painting in your window.

Window Views are whimsical paintings on antique, wood framed windows. They are an excellent alternative to shades or blinds, allowing light to filter through while changing the view and providing privacy.

Hang directly within a window, from the window casing, using the set of chains and screw eyes provided with each window. . Awesome for windows in your home or office that look out onto your neighbors home, alley, driveway or street.  Window Views can also be used as a room divider or back lit and hung on a wall as an interesting and stunning focal point for any room.

Window Panes are smaller variation on the wood framed Window Views and measure 12" x 12" x 1/4" thick, individually hand painted and made of durable plexiglass...looks like glass, but doesn't break like glass.