Seed Planting

Waking up. Seeing and experiencing the world distant or near...every moment is that of planting a seed. Experiences sometimes evolve into works of art. Some moments take, while others are swept under the rug or frozen in time to be realized at another time upon its thawing. 

The seed idea of simplifying this website was planted quite some time ago. Many attempts were made for a new cleaner look and feel, but none of them really stuck or felt right and always it was me describing what I was looking for to someone who would then translate my vision into what could be done. Often losing something in the translation and even more often me changing my mind midstream. 

So now I am reworking my website once again, in my own makeshift manner. Simplifying my vision online, while also revising how I showcase my works offline. Essentially, reinventing how I present myself across the board.

what will sprout from this seed planting? Always something new growing in the fertile soil of my imagination. Please do explore the website. If something peaks your interest, I'm happy to share its story with you.