Gifts & Presents for GroaningMan

Happy Tuesday!Today I received my first phone call from someone I gave a GroaningMan invitation to at the recent Park Avenue Festival. The upbeat person was inquiring about what present would be suggested as a gift for Mark Groaning (yup, that's me) at the GroaningMan celebration.

The answer I gave is that no presents or gifts are required or even needed. Then I thought a bit longer, of course after I hung up and came to the conclusion that the only thing I really need is the money to host this party at Artisan Works.

Ideally, we need at the very least 300 people to pay the $10 door charge to help cover renting Artisan Works for 6 hours, having it staffed with security and parking lot people to direct traffic. Covering my expenses to organize and throw this event would be the best present ever!

Another wonderful gift would be helping to spread the word and invite your friends to this fun evening of music and art and dancing and merriment.

No other gifts are needed. Thanks for asking.

22 more days until GroaningMan is launched!

Mark the GroaningMan