Unstructured Day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...or so it would seem. For that matter, each and every day can be described as such. However; today is the first day after a long list of projects and deadlines...all having been successfully designed, created, delivered and enjoyed by all.

The list looks somewhat like this:

Sculpture awards ( 4 in all) for the Rochester ImageOut LGBT Film and Video Festival. Check!


Sign and wall sculptures (9 sculptures total) for Banzai Sushi & Cocktail Bar, in the south wedge of Rochester. Check!


Autumn Memories series of Images to be applied in edible cocoa transfers onto Peanut Butter Honey Truffles from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates. Check!


7' steel totem "Community Cone" sculpture permanently installed in front of Hedonist Artisan Chocolates and Ice Cream shop. Check!


And now for my unstructured day...sleeping late, breakfast with my best friend Rcat, updating my long over due blog, listening to the wind howl through autumn leaves, thinking ahead to future projects, maybe take a nap.

My life mate and biker buddy Jack, taught me the importance of taking time to have an unstructured day...which is the equivalent of what most people would do on any given weekend. Since my weekends are always filled with working at my studio at Artisan Works and tend to work many weeks in a row without a break; it's important to have a day where there is nothing more to do other than let my mind rest and to go wherever my spontaneously creative mind wishes to take me.

I always feel more excited to go to my studio after I have had an unstructured day...or even half day.

Try it sometime. Best of luck, Mark